Problem with JetTheme Automatic Table of Contents (Japanese Headings)

The heading "BBBB" jumps to the heading "AAAA" and then to NG.

The headings "testD" and "testF" also jump to the heading "testC" and NG.

This is because "single byte in UTF-8" remain unchanged in the ID of the jump destination, but "multi bytes in UTF-8" are replaced by _ (underscore).

Of course, Japanese is also part of "multi bytes in UTF-8".


[OK]testEEE: If the number of "multi-byte characters" is different, success.


_ (Underscore) is replaced by JetTheme JavaScript(version 0.4.8) this part of the above.


If I inline the script and remove this, it works correctly.


AAAA(multi bytes in UTF-8)


BBBB(multi bytes in UTF-8)


test(single byte in UTF-8) + C(multi bytes in UTF-8)


test(single byte in UTF-8) + D(multi bytes in UTF-8)


test(single byte in UTF-8) + EEE(multi bytes in UTF-8)


test(single byte in UTF-8) + F(multi bytes in UTF-8)

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